January 20, 2011

Void Moon ***

*** Void Moon, Michael Connelly, 2000

Connelly's third non-Bosch novel is the first to tell a story from the perspective of a crook, Cassie Black. Interestingly, law enforcement is almost invisible in this novel, making only token background appearances.

It's a good story, well put together, and Cassie is a very sympathetic character, despite her larcenous ways. I guess it helps that her victims are fairly despicable in their own right. In fact, you're hard pressed to find a good guy. Her partner is a pretty good guy, considering he's a career crook, her parole officer is good, and . . . well, I'm sure I'll think of another one. Give me some time.

I'm still very partial to Harry, but this is still a book worth reading. Have I convinced you to picke up a Connelly book, yet?

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