August 29, 2006

Office Space Wars / Troops

Star Wars meets Office Space

Playing time: 4:07

Star Wars meets Cops

Playing time: 10:11

August 21, 2006

Daily Daily Photo Blogs

Here's something that's pretty cool: City Daily Photo Blogs. (Say that ten times fast!)

Unfortunately citydailyphoto.blogspot.com has not been updated in ages, so it doesn't have all the latest (and coolest) cities (like Austin, for example). Fortunately, there's a map at dailyphotomap.com plus the actual photoblogs have links so you can find some cool places to check out, like Paris, or Honolulu, or Cambridge, or Albuquerque. (Don't laugh, there are some amazing photos on that one!)

Ever wonder what the places you hear on the news look like? Places like Kuala Lumpur, or Seoul or Beirut. (This last one is good to see what life was like in Beirut before the bombing, since all you see on the news is explosions and rubble. Evidently in July the photographer fled the war to Saudi Arabia and has since posted photos of the area by other photographers.)

There are over 100 cities with somebody posting a picture every day from that city. If you have the bug, all you need is a camera, a computer and a (free) Blogger account. Think you need to live in some big city or incredibly scenic place? Think again. Folks in Sharon, CT and Van Buren, AR have joined the fun.

Heck, even Sean Claes in Kyle, TX started one up this month. And there ain't nuthin in Kyle. Well, perhaps more than there is in Fred, TX. But nobody there has started a city daily photo blog, yet. Maybe Mark Cloud will get into the act. I hear he likes photography.

August 14, 2006

Eine Kleine Face Musik

This is 24 seconds well spent.

Playing time: 0:24

If you can't do clever things with your face, you can always buy a camera that will do clever things to your face for you.

Playing time: 2:31

This thing is catching on. Here are some kids playing around with it. I'm waiting for someone (maybe you) to really get creative and do an ongoing vlog (video blog) as one of the faces.

Playing time: 2:06

August 8, 2006

Got Wazzup?

Budweiser meets Milk.

Warning: Very high cuteness factor

Playing time: 0:54

In case you've been in a cave for the past decade:

Playing time: 0:30

And, as a bonus, Budweiser's parody of their own commercial:

Playing time: 0:30

August 1, 2006

The Irresistible Camera

It's amazing what some people do when they have access to a camera.

In the case of Ghyslain Raza of Quebec, Canada, it took the form of filming himself doing StarWars light saber moves. Unfortunately, leaving the video tape laying around resulted in it being posted on Kazaa and then edited by all those people who seem to have too much time on their hands to add visual and audio effects, spoofing Star Wars, the Matrix, the Hulk and others. Ghyslain dropped out of school and the net community rallied to buy him an iPod and sent him several thousands dollars in cash. You can get the scoop and links to the edits on Wikipedia.

Playing time: 1:48

For others, what seemed like a good idea at the time looks different in retrospect. Gary Brolsma of Saddle Brook, NJ, a.k.a. The Numa Numa Dancer, posted a video of himself lip-synching and chair-dancing to a Romanian pop song. It led to airings on CNN and VH1, an appearance on "Good Morning America" for Gary and millions of viewings and downloadings. But Gary now regrets posting it and is embarrassed and distraught. More detail here.

Playing time: 1:37 but it loops.

For others, the fame is not only welcome but exploited. The Back Dormitory Boys have followed up their hilarious lip-synch of I Want It That Way with As Long As You Love Me, some Chinese song, Get Down (You're The One For Me), Don't Lie and the New Pepsi Song (in German), all with a roommate in the background working on his computer. And now somebody (I hope it is the BDB) has leveraged the traffic into an attempt to sell the domain name.

So, may more people go crazy with cameras and the Wunderfool Blog wil never run out of material.