September 25, 2006



It should come as no surprise that I am a large fan of the Despair.com. I have all the calendars. And, as you know, they've been around for years. So why am I devoting a Wunderfool blog entry to them, you ask?

Do-It-Yourself Despair Posters.

Go Crazy.

Send me any good ones you might come up with. I'm toying with the idea of creating a gallery. But I'm an arbitrary and picky jerk. If yours sucks, I won't use it and you'll just have to live with that.


Some contributions from Ken Kienow.

September 18, 2006


It takes more than good music to get a band on the Wunderfool Blog. After all, this blog is about cool things on the net, not music. So ignore the fact that OK GO seems to have unlocked the secret of the perfect rock song and uleashed it on the world. (Thankfully they are using their powers for good.)

OK GO first entered my radar screen when I caught their video of "A Million Ways" somewhere on the net last year. How can you not love what appears to be a totally homegrown video of non-dancer-type band members doing a choreographed dance to their song in the backyard? Especially when the choreography is as cheesy and outright hilarioius as this? (You'll have to scroll down their video page and find the video.)

That video alone merits a Wunderfool appearance. But then Daniel clues me in that they topped it with the "Here It Goes Again" video, choreographed with 8 (count 'em) treadmills, their place in infamy was sealed. The bass player is too much. (White shoes, pink shirt, vest.) What is it about bass players that make them so insane? While you're on the video page, check out the Ping-Pong Instructional Video.

Nod to: Daniel

September 11, 2006


The creativity of humans unleashed on the internet never ceases to amaze me.

(Also the crassness, vulgarity, crudeness, stupidity, boringness [is that a word?], hatefulness and all those other deplorable traits, but today we're talking about creativity.)

We Feel Fine mines the feelings of bloggers from their posts, categorizes them by several metrics, and then presents them in intruiging ways. It sounds boring, but it isn't. You can read a better description on their Mission page, but the best thing is just to load the application and click around a little.

So, go get in touch with the feelings of the world today.

Nod to: Blake Atwood

Warning: Moderately addictive