January 1, 2011

Two firsts on 1/1/11

Remember that post about the guy writing a novel on Twitter? Turns out sections of it were quoted in the press release for the novel. That's one first - never been quoted in a press release before. But the other first is being called a humorist. Wow, I've graduated!

Here's the relevant excerpt:

Novelist and humorist Brad Whittington admits to a fascination with Palmer’s concept. But he’s not sure it will work.

“In my humble (but completely accurate and independently verified) opinion, Adam is stark-raving mad,” Whittington said.

“For me, the thought of putting my first draft out there for public consumption is mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly, spirit-suckingly horrific,” he said. “I’d rather pose nekkid for Field & Stream.”

Full release here.

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