January 21, 2011

Succumbing to Facebook

I broke down and created a fan page on Facebook. Check it out. Or not.


selimekim said...

It's about time!!!! ;)

Brad Whittington said...

Yeah, well, uh, what can I say. Last year I signed up on under the radar using the name of the protagonist of the Fred books, but I never check it. I'm just not a Facebook kind of guy.

For an example of why, here's the last 3 updates from one of my "friends":

Today: Monday +Rain= Yucky Day!!!

Today-1: Going to start this Beautiful Day off with a big cup of Hot Coffee!!!

Today-2: At the Streetz Dance Competition!!! Go I Rule!!!

If content is king, then this poster is a pauper.

selimekim said...

Hahaha! Yeah, well I have about 20 or so teenage 'friends', and yes they use it like twitter. (I have a twitter feed too, which I check about twice a year.)

So you have to scroll past the nonsense. Still, it's good for sharing ideas, photos, videos, and keeping up with family and friends who might be far away - and you wouldn't normally have time to write to them individually.

Facebook usage seems to be inversely related to age. My four oldest sisters (59-68) have never used it - they still write emails - but my teenage daughter and her friends are on it all the time, and they no longer use email.

Brad Whittington said...

Well, then, there's the thing. I don't keep up email correspondence with people, either. I'm not much for small talk and the mundanity (if I can use that word) regardless of the medium, as you may remember from or correspondence of long ago. I'd rather talk about something of moment or not talk at all.