March 3, 2011

The Narrows ***

*** The Narrows, Michael Connelly, 2004

I think this is the first Bosch novel in multiple POVs. Well, The Poet had occasional switches to the antagonist's POV, as this one does, but not having half the novel in a different POV.

In The Narrows, Bosch is still in first person and we also get third-person POV scenes from Rachel Walling, sometimes switching back and forth quickly between the two in high action segments. There's also a cameo appearance from Cassie Black. I like the way Connelly cross pollenates characters from other novels. Terry McCaleb, his family and Buddy Lockridge play a big part in the plot.

I'm learning that I enjoy the novels a lot more when I read them in order. In the past, I just read them whenever I picked one up I hadn't seen, but not particularly in order. And several years might pass between books. That makes it tough to remember what's what and who's who.

This one was a good one. High energy.

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