March 31, 2011

The Overlook ***

*** The Overlook, Michael Connelly, 2007

I made the mistake of reading the next one before writing this review, and now I've forgotten I thought of this one. I do remember reading and enjoying this one the first time around and it was just as enjoyable the second.

I was surprised that Bosch was out of Open Unsolved and into a special homocide squad. No explanation given for that.

It is satisfying to see Bosch put the FBI agents in their place, but I would imagine Connelly is not a satisfying read for an FBI agent. Heh. He cuts them no slack whatsoever.

Bosch has a regular habit of sneaking files. So did McCaleb. I wonder how common that is, for cops and agents to make private (illegal) copies of case files for persuing a case they're not officially on. If your view of how driven detectives work was based on Bosch, you'd think it was the natural thing that done on a regular basis. But I would imagine it's extremely rare. But what do I know?

Coming up, Haller and Bosch duke it out. Woohoo!

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