March 24, 2011

Echo Park ***

*** Echo Park, Michael Connelly, 2006

Bosch is back. What's more, Connelly is back, so nobody is safe. You never know which of his characters might be taken down or busted. As usual, you get a lot of the scenery of LA. This time I actually pulled up some of the places on Google Maps to get a feeling of the layout of Echo Park and other locations in the book.

I read this one in three nights, over 100 pages a night, which made for some groggy mornings. But it really does get like trying to stop eating a bag of potato chips.

Another serial killer and I'm wondering how many serial killer antongists Connelly has done. Seems disproportionally large. Hmm. As far as I can tell, that would be:

  1. The Concrete Blonde
  2. The Poet
  3. Blood Work
  4. A Darkness More Than Night
  5. The Narrows
  6. The Lincoln Lawyer
  7. Echo Park
  8. The Scarecrow (haven't read this one yet)

That's eight out of twenty two, or 36 percent. Which seems like a lot. Or not.

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