February 24, 2011

Lost Light ***

*** Lost Light, Michael Connelly, 2003

One of the things that surprised me when I began re-reading Connelly is that the Bosch novels are in third person. I remembered it as first person, very personal and visceral. Then I got to Lost Light and was knocked sideways to discover it's a Bosch novel in first person.

As a writer, I'm always interested in the artistic choices other writers make and I thought it was interesting that Connelly chose to write Lost Light (and The Narrows, coming up) in first person, but then switch back to third person for The Closers. It makes complete sense based on some changes in the story that I won't mention for the sake of avoid any spoilers. But it is entirely fitting that these two Bosch novels are in first person and the rest, both before and after, aren't. At least to this date. There are more coming out. It could happen again, I guess.

I think the denoument of this novel is the most badass Bosch moment to date. Very satisfying in some ways.

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