March 10, 2011

The Closers ***

*** The Closers, Michael Connelly, 2005

Bosch is back in the saddle, back in third person POV, and seems to actually be going beyond his self-limiting reactionary ways to a greater level of maturity. There's a shock early on as Connelly brings in a character from numerious previous books in an adversarial role that really gets things going. Nice payoff on that one at the end. There's high jingo on this one, and you know what that means.

This makes number 14 in the list of Connelly novels so far. You may have noticed I skipped over Chasing the Dime, which I read several years ago. It's a one-off story that doesn't involve law enforcement and has no characters that overlap with the rest of the books. I didn't much care for it. YMMV. The Number One Son liked it.

I've got 6 more to go that are in print, and a new one comes out in April. Then it'll be back to my normal program of reading weird stuff. One takeaway for me in doing this Connelly marathon is that it has helped with with the voice of the Muffin Man story, which is rocking along in first draft. About 25% done so far.

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