March 12, 2011

The Gun Seller ****

**** The Gun Seller, Hugh Laurie, 1996

Stop the presses! Hold the phone! Buckle your garters!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Connelly-fest to bring you news of a 15-year-old novel of import from Hugh Laurie. Yes, that Hugh Laurie. Dr. House, Bertie Wooster, Blackadder, etc.

What Kyril Bonfiglioli attempted with mixed results, Hugh Laurie accomplished. In spades. With knobs on. A riveting, fast-paced thriller in the style of that great master of steamy, incendiary spy stories, P. G. Wodehouse.

Yes, that Wodehouse. Jeeves, Woster, Mr. Mulliner, Psmith, Ukridge, Uncle Fred, the Drones Club, Blandings Castle.

This novel is a bit raw in spots, so if you're put off by strong language, give it a pass. But if you like clever repartee, light wordplay, an light witty voice, and lightining-paced intrigue, this is the book for you.

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