November 21, 2011

Pattern of Wounds ***

*** Pattern of Wounds, J Mark Bertrand, 2011

It's unusual for me to read a book in the year it came out. I'm not much of a bestseller follower, and until recently I haven't really been following any contemporary series. Plus, my to-be-read shelf is long enough for me to wait for the paperback of any series of a living author I might be reading.

However, after reading Back on Murder, I knew I would be getting Pattern of Wounds quite quickly. I did, but somehow failed to review it after I read it. I remedy that failing with this post.

I had a few extremely petty quibbles with Back on Murder. But Pattern of Wounds didn't garner even one microscopic quibble. It was an excellent read from end to end. Bertrand came out of the dugout swinging for the fences and he's still connecting on all pitches and knocking it out of the park.

I'm now caught up with JM and it's on him to shove another fine story my direction. Get in on the ground floor.


Why it matters.

I'm proud to say that Bethany House also stepped up to the plate and rectified every single complaint I had with the formatting of Back on Murder. Functional TOC, proper paragraph formatting, proper scene-break glyphs, no noticeable typos. My only complaint is that the left/right buttons take you backward/forward one section at a time, not one chapter at a time. Each section covers ten chapters. If you want to find something inside that ten-chapter block, you're still reduced to paging forever or playing hide and seek. It should be a chapter-level navigation.

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