November 24, 2011

Justice Hall ***

*** Justice Hall, Laurie R King, 2002

Justice Hall differs from the first five Mary Russell books in that there is less action and derring-do. In fact, other than an intial off-camera attack, the first bit of violence doesn't occur until halfway through the book.

The first half of the book invovles a reunion with Mahmoud and Ali from O Jerusalem, picking up right after where The Moor left off, country manor life, and some background checking and research. There's plenty of tension on just about every page, but after the non-stop action thrill ride of O Jerusalem, it was a startling pace change. Then on page 138 somebody gets shot and we're off to the races!

The crux of the story centers on the death of a soldier in WWI under questionable circumstances and the account of what the British did to keep the order during the heat of the war was both intriguing and chilling. This novel is a good tribute to those formerly unsung casualties of a global conflict.

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