January 16, 2015

Torn Curtain Church and WWJD

On the eve of the ninety-fifth anniversary of Prohibition, I'm going to turn you on to a cool study on a subject I know a few things about. I've heard countless sermons and read a dozen books on this topic, as well as doing the research to write a book of my own.

If you want a good overview of what the Bible says about drinking in a quick, easy read, What Would Jesus Drink? is your best bet. It's a short book, but it's all meat, no fluff, so you don't have to skim through stuff to get to the good parts. And the price is right.

However, if you want a deeper dive into the subject, Seph Coutinho at Torn Curtain Church has a four-hour, four-session podcast also titled What Would Jesus Drink? that knocks it out of the park.

The four sessions are:
  • Prohibition vs. the Bible (where he endorses my book about 5 minutes in)
  • Total Abstinence vs. Jesus
  • Moderation vs. Abuse
  • A History of Drinking
In the last segment at 24 minutes in, Seph again endorses WWJD as an easy read and mentions two other books on the subject, God Gave Wine and Drinking with Calvin and Luther.

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