October 4, 2012

Regarding Ducks and Universes **

** Regarding Ducks and Universes, Neve Maslakovic, 2011

Clever idea, the ability to travel as a tourist between parallel universes where your doppelganger resides, and the myriad regulations to prevent you from interfering with your alter ego or disrupting the space-time continuum. And the protagonist is a technical writer. What's not to like?

For me, that would be a passive protagonist. Despite the rules, Felix A wants to learn more about his alter. He checks a bookstore to see if Felix B has already written the book Felix A plans to write, and then goes to a detective agency to have them investigate Felix B. Then he his promptly locked up in quarantine and the forward momentum of the story grinds to a halt. Once he gets out, in a plot point that would take too long to relate here, he falls under the control of an investigative team and the action is driven by others, not the protagonist, for the large majority of the book.

That's not a satisfying story. I much prefer a pro-active protagonist who actively pursues his goal and overcomes obstacles. But it is a clever idea with some bright spots.

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