January 19, 2012

A Toast to the Holy Ghost? **

** A Toast to the Holy Ghost?, Kelly Libatique, 2010

I grabbed this one on Kindle after noticing some (possibly coincidental) similarities in the description and my 1996 essay on the topic. I read through it in a night and found it worthy in places, but laden with specious reasoning in others. For example, consider this passage:

"It is interesting to note that God knew perfectly well when inspiring the authors of the Bible that using an ambiguous word here (and in many other places) would cause centuries of debate. If He had wanted to make it clear one way or the other, He could have easily done so."

Am I to conclude from this passage that God knew his ambiguity would cause confusion and intentionally created ambiguity for that purpose? This sounds suspiciously like the "God placed dinosaur fossils in the earth to give the appearance of age" argument of creation over evolution. This and other similar issues left me feeling the book was less than helpful.

My take on the topic: WWJD

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