December 5, 2011

*** A Hole in the Apple

*** A Hole in the Apple, Harley Carnes, 2011

For a guy who doesn't read thrillers, I seem to be doing an awful lot of it lately.

This debut offering from CBS News anchor/correspondent/commetator Harley Carnes is the novel equivalent of watching an entire season of 24.

Carnes starts off the novel with a literal bang, a schoolyard bombing in France, and ratchets things up from there. In addition to the gradually unfolding plot of terrorists smuggling nukes into the US (Hmm, why does that sound familiar to me?) there are increasingly intense set pieces that build to the thunderous climax. The first of these scenes involves a showdown on the George Washington Bridge that rivals anything I've seen or read in the genre.

As Southern boy who has been a resident of NYC for the past 30 years, Carnes knows whereof he speaks when it comes to the Big Apple, which is where the novel is set for the most part. You really get a sense of a wide swath of the life of the city, from the halls of power to the seamy underbelly of the streets.

He's also an aviator with over 25 years of flight time, which comes into play in the story's dramatic and tension-packed climax. In that regard it reminded me of another book I recently read in which aviation played a big part, Pilot Error.

One thing I liked about the book is that Carnes isn't shy about dialing things up a notch or two. In several scenes I found myself thinking, "He's not going to do that, is he? Oh, yes, he is."

If you're the type to read political action thrillers, you should check out A Hole in the Apple.


Why ebook formatting matters.

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I found several typos in the book, like "blueToyota" and "New York city." I'd be surprised if the typos are in the print book, although it is possible. Some publishers are less diligent in proofing the final draft of ebooks than for pbooks.


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