December 29, 2011

The God of the Hive ***

*** The God of the Hive, Laurie R King, 2010

King really hit it out of the park with this one. Like Michael Connelly, King has the knack of keeping a series alive with a book that is as good or better than the last one every time.

This one picks up where The Lanugage of Bees leaves off, like the next minute. I found it interesting that King never picks back up the whole abandonded bee hive issue that consumed much of the first hundred pages of The Language of Bees. Which was fine with me. It was starting to pale for me before the real spine of the story kicked in.

In The God of the Hive, King takes the multiple POV even further, as the story requires it, but the majority of the story remains from Russells POV. There was one small thing that annoyed me, a little dirty trick of misdirection done by pairing two scenes but (unknown to the reader) putting them out of chronological sequence. It created a lot of suspense for several dozen pages, but when the reveal happened, it felt like one of those scenes where you're all drawn in and then discover it was only a dream. But a minor quibble on what is an excellent book.

Waiting for my copy of Pirate King to arrive.

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