July 15, 2011


All Christy award winners or finalists, at long last the Fred books are available on Amazon for the Kindle for $2.99 each. That's a ton of Fred for $9!

In the next few weeks we'll also release Nook and iPad versions.

Here are the Kindle links.

If you've ever held a Fred book in your hand, you know that B&H went the extra mile with high-quality covers (Living with Fred has an embossed cover) and graphics in the chapter headings. To preserve the high-quality reading experience even in ebook form, I hired a beKindling gnome to work his otherwordly magic.

We couldn't emboss the covers, of course, but the graphics from the print versions are there, along with some new elements. The books take full advantage of the Kindle navigation tools, including skipping through chapters with the left/right navigation buttons. And of course, as with any Kindle book, you can download a sample before you buy.

You also get extras, such as discussion guides for readers groups, and a peek at three chapters from the next book at the end of each. The end of Escape to Fred has three chapters from my novel-in-progress, Muffin Man, planned for an ebook release in 2012.

And you can still get physical Fred books. Signed print copies make a great gift and are available through SignedByTheAuthor.com. Yep, I really sign them myself. Ha!

Of course, you can always get a used copy on Amazon for a penny plus shipping. At least you can get WtF and LwF for a penny. Looks like right now you'll have to shell out at least #2.91 plus shipping for EfF, which is only fair, since it's the best one. ;-)

I don't get any money from used copies, but I get a new reader, and I'm cool with that. Spread the Fred word.

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