July 7, 2011

The Career Novelist ***

*** The Career Novelist, Donald Maass, 1996

There are two things wrong with this book, and they both have to do with the date at the end of the above line.

The first, and main one, is how long it took me to read it. If I had read it when it came out, it would have been a lot better. I would have had a better understanding of the industry (which was surprisingly hard to come by in the last century) and would have annoyed fewer people. Perhaps.

The other thing is that I'm no longer looking to scale the mountain of traditional publishing. This is the year of the indie author. It's the year when electronic publishing, the hype dream of the last few decades, finally pushed its way to the front of the line, with more sales of e-books than p-books.

As a result, while the advice in the book is good, most of it no longer applies to me. Alas and alack. But if you're looking to get traditionally published, this book is definitely worth your time to read, no question.

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