January 7, 2010

Pay Grades for Philosophers

The Wall Street Journal released its list of Best and Worst Jobs for 2010, ranked from actuary at #1 (best) to roustabout at #200 (worst).

Philosopher was ranged #11 with a starting salary of $33K, midlevel salary of $60K and top-level salary of $105K. Really? Who is it that pays a philosopher to sit around and think? And what would the measurable acheivements look like on his resume?

  • Improved global understanding of the nature of being by 27% in one quarter.
  • Developed a proposition that dentified 12% more pathetic fallacies than extant approaches.

By the way, technical writer ranked at #13, between meteorologis and bank officer. And if you're good at what you do and are willing to go freelance, their top-level number doesn't have to be your top-level number.


selimekim said...

Those numbers come from accountants. Philosophers either teach others to be philosophers, or they design web sites. That's why there are so many web sites.

Brad Whittington said...