December 7, 2009

Mark Heard

From the Songs you won't hear on the radio files:

Mark Heard died in 1992 at age 40. He had a minor heart attack on stage at a festival, but finished his set before going to the hospital. A week later he had another heart attack and went into a coma from which he never recovered. He left behind a collection of songs that are startling and heartbreaking in their clarity and insight.

Gvien the fact that he died before the internet became commercial, much less before the YouTube age, there's not a lot of good video of him online. Here's one of the few somewhat decent (almost) samples: Treasure of the Broken Land

A less-than-great, dubbed-from-cassette upload of Look Over Your Shoulder:

A 17-song tribute album (Strong Hand of Love) was released in 1994, and another, with those same songs and 17 more (Orphans of God) was release in 1996. It's a must have. Seriously.


Jeanne Damoff said...

Definitely. Mark Heard has been one of George's favorites since our college days. Brilliant song writer. Thanks for highlighting him.

Brad Whittington said...

How about Pierce Pettis? Another goodun.