July 9, 2009

Pilgrim's Progress **

** Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyon, 1678

Yes, I know it's a classic. I am sufficiently independent of thought to not feel intimidated by classics or obligated to like them. I am not like the character in Robertson Davies A Mixture of Frailties, of whom he wrote:

During the first day or two she attempted to get on with War and Peace, but found it depressing, and as time wore on she suffered from that sense of unworthiness which attacks sensitive people who have been rebuffed by a classic.

I'm not a sensitive person, I guess.

I realized I haven't reviewed the audio books I've listened to this year, which gives me some more fodder for Thursdays.

I found this book diverting, and listened to it mainly while working, since I like to multitask. But allegory wears thin for me after a while, and soon I got weary of all the doctrine and moralizing. Your mileage may vary.


JackAz said...

Jack didn't like it either. What a yawner.

Brad Whittington said...

Can you imagine being forced to read this as a kid? Horrors!