February 25, 2013

Open Season

You may have been wondering what happened to me since New Year's. I've been working furiously to get the next novel, Endless Vacation, into your hands. But tonight I was stuck waiting for edits and decided to get a start on the one after that, Open Season. So, here is some rare footage. I don't often release first draft copy into the wild, but I'd love to get your feedback on what you think of this opening. Would you turn the page?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when the whole thing went off the rails.
And without bragging, I can tell you that when it comes to things going off the rails, I’m known as the local expert, so when I say that the slate of candidates for derailing the weekend in Bolero is too extensive to narrow down to a clear winner, you may take it as settled. However, as is often done in these cases, we can produce a short list for your consideration.

There is the unfortunate placement of the ladder against the balcony. That’s a big one, not that I would suggest that Chip was negligent in any way, but I’m a big one for facing the facts like a trooper and it does all come back to the ladder.

Then there’s the blackmail attempt. Certainly in the top three, I would say. Well intentioned, perhaps, but ill advised.
And the thing with the snake. I love Jake like a brother, would take a bullet for him or at least shout taunting remarks at his assailants if he were being attacked, but if we are to be honest, as men of honor should in every circumstance, it was not his best moment.

And the fireworks. Well, those actually worked out okay, so we can let them slide.
But I should probably back up and get a running start at this story if you’re to make heads or tails of it.

There you go. Is that enough to make you want more?


Jacki Holmes said...

Of course I'd turn the page, you wrote it ! - can't wait to read Endless Vacation

~k said...

Complete rubbish, my friend. 😈

Brad Whittington said...

Aw, shucks, Jacki. ;-) Today I get to pick EV back up for the penultimate draft. Then the copyedit, then the final draft, then the book production, the ARCs, the final book production, and then, tada!

And you, Brewer, I challenge you to a duet.


JackAz said...

Yup, I'd turn the page. Of course, I am a man of notoriously poor taste. Make of it what you will.

Unknown said...

I'd keep reading as well, Brad. I know your work first hand now, thanks to Blake, and I expect the next page to make me go on to the next page and . . . thanks for asking.