September 29, 2011

A Monstrous Regiment of Women ***

*** A Monstrous Regiment of Women, Laurie R King, 1995

This should really be 3 and a half stars, but I can't do half an asterisk. I did skim through The Beekeeper's Apprentice to get back up to speed. It took a while because it was very difficult to avoid dipping back in and read instead of skim. But I got up to speed and proceeded to A Monstrous Regiment of Women.

For me the most fascinating thing about this book is that King actually made Christian theology an exciting element of the story. Really. Unbelievable, right? Well, she did it.

This book is a rollercoaster ride that really pushed the limits. Russell gets in over her head several times, quite beyond her depth, and finally it caught up with her. In my humble, but accurate, opinion, King does Doyle one or two better. And she takes a few humorous swipes at him in the book.

At the end, she confirmed something that I suspected when reading the prelude. I'll let you discover it for yourself.

It's on to A Letter to Mary. I'm quivering with anticipation.

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