April 28, 2011

The Reversal ***

*** The Reversal, Michael Connelly, 2010

In this Bosch/Haller novel Connelly did what I thought he was going to do the first time he brought the two together, and it works. In The Brass Verdict there was one POV, Haller. In The Reversal, there are two POVs - Haller in first as he is in all his novels, and Bosch in third, as he is in all the novels where he's on the force.

It feels like Haller's story, mainly because it's a court case, not an investigation and he has most of the screen time, but Bosch is not shortchanged. He gets some rocking scenes. Also, Haller's switch from defense to prosecution is fascinating. And it was good to get the girls together.

However, at times I got a little weary of the story. It might have something to do with reading 21 Connelly novels back to back. I suspect they're better if you ration them out instead of inhaling them like a family-size bag of potato chips. I did the same thing with Wodehouse in the last millenium and found that if you read too many in a row, they all start to feel the same. Best to only read a few a year. The upside is that if you ration them out, you get to enjoy a good writer over the long haul.

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