April 21, 2011

9 Dragons ***

*** 9 Dragons, Michael Connelly, 2009

Holy freaking cow! Just when you thought Connelly had pushed things as far as they could go, 9 Dragons comes out and blows the doors off, reinforcing what we already know, that nobody is safe in a Connelly novel. There are no sacred cows, or characters.

I found one thing interesting about the writing. At the end, Connelly goes off camera just before a really big, dramatic scene and then picks up several days later, telling the scene in summary flashback. I'd like to hear his reasoning for taking the edge off a big action scene like that. Then, a page or two later, he reveals in dialog and inner monolog a conclusion Bosch came to days earlier, which also seems like watering it down a bit.

Regarding his conclusion, I knew something was off because the timeline of some key events, but I had misguessed the reason why. Can't say more because of spoilers.

This book illustrates that after twenty novels, Connelly can still deliver the full monty. It's worth reading the whole series just to read this book.

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