October 26, 2009

Austin Film Festival

The Austin Film Festival consists of eight days of film screenings and four days of conference sessions. The conference ended yesterday and there's four more days of screenings left. So far, I've seen:
  • Serious Moonlight: Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton, Kristen Bell, Justin Long. Entertaining
  • Godspeed: Left halfway through, way too slow, didn't buy the character motivations
  • Simmons on Vinyl: Potts brothers 2nd feature. The first, The Stanton Grave Robbery, was made for $5,000. This one was made for $300. It's a buy-a-6-pack-and-laugh-at-goofy-stuff kind of movie.
  • Tales from the Script: Interviews with dozens of screenwriters. Excellent.
  • The Scenesters: Entertaining, but I had to leave halfway through for the Filmmaker Happy Hour.
  • Apollo 13: Didn't really need to see this again, but the Q&A afterward with Ron Howard, Jim Lovell, guys from Mission Control and the screenwriters was a must-see. I got to shake Ron Howard's hand at the Conferenc Wrap party after.
  • Todd P Goes to Austin: I was supposed to see this, but Apollo 13 took longer than I thought, so I missed it.
  • The Messenger: Great film. I was supposed to see Earthwork, but when I got out of the last session I discovered my car battery had died and Earthwork started before my car did.

Still left to watch:

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