January 5, 2009

Daniel Lanois - The Maker

First up from the "Songs you won't hear on the radio" files:

The Maker by Daniel Lanois

Lanois has a moody, atmospheric sound. I find this song very moving with its themes of alienation, knowing and being known and allusions to the fall. He's produced Grammy winning albums for U2, Dylan, and Emmylou.

The music video

Emmylou cover

Willie/Emmylou/Daniel cover

Dave Matthews cover


Note on the Emmylou cover: About 25 years ago I jammed with the guitar player, Buddy Miller. Somewhere I have a tape of me and The Woman, Buddy and his wife, Julie, trading songs in his living room. With Daniel (Whittington, not Lanois) talking over one of my songs. He was 3, I think.

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