November 13, 2006

Funky Products

Because everything is cute until it poops. No, we're not talking about grandkids (although we could be) but birds.

The Wunderfool blog doesn't normally do products, but this was too good to pass up. The brand: Grumpy Girl. The product: Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit. All you need to eliminate the results of avian dive-bombing attacks. While you're there, check out the t-shirts. My favorite is the Grumpy Girl for President. Particularly the tax-deferred Coffee Savings Accounts.

But I didn't stop there. Following a few links got me to this bizarre set of buttons. Cheer up Emo kid? And what's with the skull butterfly? Or the cat with its tail plugged into the AC socket? My favorite, though, is the owl that says "Whom!"

And, as a sneak preview to next week's entry and because the Wunderfool blog never sleeps in our efforts to provide you with quality surfing distractions, I found a blog entry of the top 10 weirdest USB drives ever. The sushi looks good enough to eat. I like the "thumb drive." But you won't believe the Barbie doll.

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