October 16, 2006

Stupid Internet Tricks

Check out the new website and future home of this blog.

Let me know what you think on the comments here.


~k/c~ said...

It's Swell.

Personally, I despise 'jokerman' and regard those who use it as underlings. Clearly you aren't an underling, but perhaps you would consider browsing new fonts just to humor me?

Aside from that- Swell.

~~ Coming Soon: Merchandise? What treasures will lie beyond that door?~~

p.s. www.dafont.com
p.p.s. www.bored.com

Brad Whittington said...

Yeah, Jokerman wasn't what I had in mind, but I wanted to get something up there and had already wasted an hour looking at fonts, so I went with it for now. I have a different image in my mind of what it should look like, but no time to find which font looks like the picture in my head. When I get the time to hunt down the right font, the heading will change.

Merchandise. For now, just the standard cafepress type stuff - etc. Later, who knows? Whoopie cushions, Groucho glasses, the sky is the limit!

Thanks for checking it out.

~k/c~ said...

Ah! I knew you had better sense than that :)

Hope I wasn't too harsh, I had barely a smidgen of Caffiene at the jotting of that comment.

Look forward to seeing the finished product in the future

The merchandise area has great potential indeed... my children are currently huge Laurel & Hardy fans, thanks to a modern "remake" involving Bronson Pinchot and some round fellow cast as L&H's nephews . . . if you sell derby hats, I'll buy at least 3

Brad Whittington said...

Don't know that I'll expand the merchandise to anything that general, but one never knows, do one?

Anonymous said...

I like it! Will link to it from my blog.

Living With Fred is making it's way to my house from Amazon as I speak... ummm... type. Can't wait!

Brad Whittington said...

Thanks, Connie. I predict you will like it. Ha!