September 2, 2010

Rebel Island ***

*** Rebel Island, Rick Riordan, 2007

I somehow failed to review this book when I read it a while back, and just now noticed it when writing the review for The Red Pyramid.

Much to my sorrow, Rebel Island is the last Tres Navarre novel. At the Texas Book Festival three or four years ago I attended a panel discussion on writing whodunits because Riordan was on the panel. He mentioned then that he had lost his zeal for the series and that he would be pursuing his YA novels going forward, as indeed he has done with five Percy Jackson books (so far), the opening tome in the 39 Clues series, The Maze of Bones, and the first of the Kane Chronicles, The Red Pyramid.

That being said, it is a worthy end. Riordan has a knack for posing new problems that shed more light on the Navarre family history, which is as intriguing as the main plot. This book is no exception. It has a bit of a Key Largo vibe to it, which makes it even more entertaining.

Perhaps, like Doyle, Riordan will relent in future years and bring us some more tales of his memorable detective. Please?

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