October 7, 2008

Advanced Screenwriting ***

*** Advanced Screenwriting: Raising your Script to the Academy Award Level, Dr. Linda Seger, 2003

I've read somewhere around a half-dozen screenwriting books. The best was Seger's Making a Good Script Great. I had the opportunity to attend several of Seger's workshops sessions in April. They were so useful that I decided to get the rest of her books and I finally got around to it.

Much of what is in here is not particularly revolutionary or paradigm shattering, but there are plenty of thought-provoking suggestions that help in getting a fresh perspective on what you're writing. I already have several ideas to experiment with on the next draft of my current project, particularly on identity and movement as theme.

Which is the whole point - fresh ideas, improving the script, honing the craft. A writer is a pilgrim on a journey that has no end, only resting places.

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