August 5, 2008

Demon: A Memoir ***

*** Demon: A Memoir, Tosca Lee, 2007

I heard some good stuff about this one, and it was a Christy finalist, so I picked it as my plane reading on my trip back from Orlando. Good choice.

Tosca can write, boy howdy. Funny thing is, I was about halfway through when I realized that this is what The Shack could have been if Young was actually a good writer. If he had bothered to actually create a real story instead of flimsy cardboard props to hang his polemic on.

The story resonated with me the same way that many of the favorite books of my youth did. There are two stories developing along side each other, both fascinating. At first the story of the demon was interesting, but as the book progressed I became more involved in the story of the narrator.

Tosca's powers of description are formidable and compelling. I felt like I was there when the earth was created and Lucifer made his appearance, and when it was re-created after the rebellion. Powerful stuff, Maynard.

Highly recommended. Check http://www.toscamoonlee.com/ for more info on the book and what Tosca is up to now.


~k/c~ said...

Good reccomend- thanks- I read it all in one car trip :)

Very clever use of Grover's best selling autobiography, I thought

Brad Whittington said...

Oh yeah. I forgot about that part.

Hey, howzit been?

I wish I had a cool name like Tosca Lee. Plus, a lot fewer handwriting cramps while writing my name growing up.