May 7, 2007

Song For Work

  1. Click on the graphic.
  2. Click on Listen to Ray
  3. Read the First Response from Ray
  4. Check out some of the dozens of remixes the general public have contributed to the canon
  5. ZeFrank and the Fabulosos tracked Ray down in Feb. He's a minister in St. Louis. Hear his story on this episode of the ZeFrank Show.

Warning: The lyrics are: "I'm about to whip somebody's ass. If you don't leave me alone, you're gonna have to send me home, cause I'm about to whip somebody's ass." If this causes you distress, don't listen to the song. But read the response from Ray and watch the video of him in which he talks about his response to those who thought his song was "inappropriate." It's a nice response, cause he's a nice guy.

Also, you can check out the linked episode of "the show with zefrank." He's even less inhibited in his word choice than Ray, so be forewarned.


~k/c~ said...

would make a great addition to the iPod- :)

I loved his idea that you don't have to actually sing the words, you can just hum them

I plan to try this

~k/c~ said...

finally got a chance to watch the interview too-- he's an interesting fella

would like to meet his daughter too, for the whole PK aspect

good post, Mr. Wunderfool

Brad Whittington said...

I don't remember how I ran across this, but the first thing that got me was all the remixes. The deeper I dug, the more interesting it became.

But once you get the song in your head, it's kinda hard to get it out.