August 21, 2006

Daily Daily Photo Blogs

Here's something that's pretty cool: City Daily Photo Blogs. (Say that ten times fast!)

Unfortunately citydailyphoto.blogspot.com has not been updated in ages, so it doesn't have all the latest (and coolest) cities (like Austin, for example). Fortunately, there's a map at dailyphotomap.com plus the actual photoblogs have links so you can find some cool places to check out, like Paris, or Honolulu, or Cambridge, or Albuquerque. (Don't laugh, there are some amazing photos on that one!)

Ever wonder what the places you hear on the news look like? Places like Kuala Lumpur, or Seoul or Beirut. (This last one is good to see what life was like in Beirut before the bombing, since all you see on the news is explosions and rubble. Evidently in July the photographer fled the war to Saudi Arabia and has since posted photos of the area by other photographers.)

There are over 100 cities with somebody posting a picture every day from that city. If you have the bug, all you need is a camera, a computer and a (free) Blogger account. Think you need to live in some big city or incredibly scenic place? Think again. Folks in Sharon, CT and Van Buren, AR have joined the fun.

Heck, even Sean Claes in Kyle, TX started one up this month. And there ain't nuthin in Kyle. Well, perhaps more than there is in Fred, TX. But nobody there has started a city daily photo blog, yet. Maybe Mark Cloud will get into the act. I hear he likes photography.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mark Cloud might be a good candidate for a photo blog. Although I've never actually seen his photos... I heard you're friends with him. Maybe you could have a word with him?